The Standby Setting



ARTISTS WANTED & Innfest report!

Our new EP is now in it’s final stages of mixing so we’re currently on the hunt for someone to do the artwork if you or if you know any artists who would be up for the challenge please get in touch! Additionally we had a great first gig back at Innfest Festival on Saturday night. Thank you to everyone […]


MNA Recording Weekend Complete!

Evening all, we had a great weekend recording at Make No Apology Recording Studios as part of the Facebook competition we won a while back. Huge thank you to Dec for all his hard work. We’ve just had the first rough mixes back and already can’t wait for you to hear these new songs! Looking forward to getting some gigs […]


UPDATE! to keep you up to date…

First things first, sorry for the lack of news from the band. We have been hard at work writing a bunch of new songs for a studio session we have next weekend, no one is panicking yet ,whether that’s a good thing I don’t know. The good news is we’ve almost finished them, which means we can move onto writing […]


Postive Creed Fanzine – Beverly Review

  Rob over at Positive Creed very kindly sent us this months issue of Positive Creed Fanzine where you can find his review of Beverly – ‘Wow, there’s an instant attraction to this. Tuneful and exciting with great vocals, lyrics and backing vocals are my first thoughts and you’ll find each track catchy and melodic. I was half expecting to […]


Behind The Scenes

Evening all, Just  a quick update to let you know that the initial construction of EP number four is well under way and you can expect to see us debuting some of the new material very soon! Until then here’s a sneak peak of one of the new tracks we’re working on – The Standby Setting.


Loud Stuff – Beverly Review

Good afternoon all, ‘Beverly’ has had the pleasure of being reviewed by the almighty Dave Nicholls over at Loud-Stuff this week.  Some of you may remember way back when we released ‘Turning Wheels’ Dave gave us our first ever review which in turn lead him reviewing it’s follow up ‘Lost on Land’ in 2012, so it only seems right that […]


BEVERLY & other news.

Afternoon! Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who came to see us support TV SM!TH last month, it was an incredible night and we couldn’t of asked for more! Now onto the main event…on Monday night we released our third EP ‘Beverly’ for FREE DOWNLOAD on our BandCamp page which of course we’d love you to download and disperse […]


Farewell Ocean

In 2009 we asked Ocean if she’d drum for us for 4 weeks, it’s now been 4 years!  This week she will be heading off to Falmouth University but before she headed off we went into the studio to record 3 brand new tracks, which we’ll have online before the end of the year. Words don’t cut how great the […]